…is a concert, a performance, a 360°  digital experience, a new dance, and some very old stories, curated by Caperbag CIC with Tim Laycock, Colin Thompson and the Great Caper in the stunning ICCI 360° Arena.



Calling young dancers aged 16 -25yrs from any dance background…

Immediate Start. 
A unique opportunity to be involved in the creation of a new dance. Bringing tradition into the multi media environment of the ICCI 360 Dome. A dance in traditional Cotswold Morris style, to be performed to a tune by Benjamin Rose of the 1820’s and played for you by today’s young Dorset musicians.

A series of workshops will be held in Weymouth/ Dorchester leading to a performance on Friday 7th Sept 2012. 

For more information give Kim a ring on 0117 9401566 / 07813 346819, email greatcapermorris@aol.com or download, fill in and return this form to get involved.

And calling all youth musicians…

A unique opportunity for young South West based acoustic musicians, aged 12-25, to take part in the Cultural Olympiad. ‘…an hop about like fleas!’.

Sun 8th July The Old Town Hall, Weymouth 10am-12.30pm
Sat 14th July Scout Hut Dorchester 10am-12.30pm
Friday 7th Sept whole day workshop ICCI 360 Dome Weymouth with a performance the same evening.

All workshops will be led by Tim Laycock and Colin Thompson.  Sheet music and a CD will be provided at the pre- workshops.  Please bring your own music stand.

To register 
fill in and return this form to get involved. Any queries please ring Kim on 0117 940-1566 / 07813 346819 or email greatcapermorris@aol.com

 Back in 1820 an innkeeper, farmer and, we believe West Gallery musician, Benjamin Rose started to collect the tunes of his time, some famous, some local and some of his own.  His manuscripts, recently discovered in an auction, present the bedrock of this production. It is open to secondary school aged acoustic musicians of the area. There will be a full day’s workshop on Friday 7th Sept in the dome leading to a performance that evening. 

‘meäke em dance the groun’ dirt-beäre,
An’ hop about lik’ vlees’

ICCI 360 Arena

The ICCI 360 arena consists of a huge 21 metre diameter dome incorporating a 62m x 6m high projection screen and a large performance space which uses cutting edge technology with surround sound and high resolution projection facilities to provide a fantastic immersive 360°, panoramic, digital experience.